Dr. Catherine Jean Nash

Dr. Catherine Jean Nash

I am a Professor of Geography at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  My research focuses on gender and sexuality, digital cities, and the production of urban space.

These are interesting times; the Supreme Court in the U.S. recently granted marriage rights to same-sex couples; Ireland and Australia have followed in the footsteps of leaders such as Canada and the UK, passing legislation in support of marriage equality. At the same time, we are seeing increasingly polarized discussions around freedom of speech, political  correctness, and freedom of religion (to name but a few) in relation to identity politics, university campuses, and access to public space more broadly.

Informed by my years as a lawyer involved in urban planning issues prior to becoming a professor, I see these discourses of 'rights' as being tightly connected to increasingly mobile populations, urban places and new technologies. I'm keenly interested in questions that arise about the (re)configuration of urban space, the mobility of ideas, and the 'digital city,' particularly at the transnational level.

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