Photo, "Blue Suitcase" by Drew Coffman



Spring, 2018

  • Maynooth University, Co. Kildare, Ireland:  During the Spring, 2018, I will be a Visiting Scholar at Maynooth University's Department of Geography, working with Dr. Kath Browne.
  • UCD Centre for Gender, Feminisms and Sexualities 1st Annual Conference:  Think Gender Justice, May 23-25, 2018, University College, Dublin.  Paper entitled, "Reflections on Researching Heteroactivism: Journeys through Privilege and Vulnerability" with Dr. Kath Browne.
  • Conference of Irish Geographers 2018, May 10-12, 2018, Maynooth University.  Session: Legalities and Liveabilities; Paper entitled, "Multi-scalar Resistances: Heteroactivisms Beyond the Urban/Rural Divide" Session - Legalities and Liveabilities - Title: Multi-scalar Resistances: Heteroactivisms Beyond the Urban/Rural Divide with Dr. Kath Browne.



Fall, 2018

  • The Royal Geographical Society Annual International Convention will  take place in Cardiff, Wales, August 28-31st.  Details of the conference can be found here
  • The paper we will be presenting engages with the current debates around freedom of speech and freedom of expression on university campuses. 
  • Title (subject to change):  Freedom of speech or Hate Speech?: Heteroactivist contestation of No-Platforming with Dr. Kath Browne  


Winter, 2018