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Mapping transnational resistances to LGBT equalities: Canada, UK & Australia

Journal Articles 

Nash, C. J., A. Gorman-Murray & K. A. Browne (accepted). Geographies of intransigence: freedom of speech and heteroactivist resistances in Canada, Great Britain and Australia, Social and Cultural Geography.

Nash, C. J. & K. A. Browne (under review). Resisting the mainstreaming of LGBT equalities in Canadian and British Schools: Sex Education and Trans School Friends. Environment and Planning C.

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Browne, K. A. and C. J. Nash (2014). Resisting LGBT rights where 'we have won': Canada and England. Journal of Human Rights 13 (3): 322-336. 


Book Chapters

Browne, K. & C. J. Nash (under review). Love Both: Heteroactivism and ‘Pro-Life’ Posters in Ireland’s 8th Referendum. Feminist Review (revise and resubmit, Jan 2019).

Nash, C. J., K. Browne & A. Gorman-Murray (in press). LGBT families and ‘motherless’ children: Tracking heteronormative resistances in Great Britain, Canada and Australia, in L. Johnson and K. Johnston (eds.) Mothers/Mothering: Space and place. Demeter Press.

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Browne, K., and Nash, C. J. (2018). Resisting marriage equalities: The complexities of religious opposition to same sex marriage. In N. Bartolini, S. MacKian, & S. Pile (Eds.), Spaces of Spirituality: London & New York: Routledge.

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