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Toronto's sexual and gendered landscapes: the gay village and beyond

Journal Articles

Nash, C. J. (2014) Consuming sexual liberation: Gay business, politics and Toronto’s Barracks Bathhouse raids. Journal of Canadian Studies 48 (1): 82-105.

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Nash, C. J.  (2005) Contesting identity: the struggle for gay identity in Toronto in the late 1970s. Gender, Place and Culture 12 (1): 113-135.


Book Chapters

Nash, C. J. and A. Gorman-Murray (Under Review).  LGBT Place Management: Representative Politics and Toronto’s Gay Village in Manon Trembley (ed.) LGBT and Electoral Politics in Canada

Nash, C. J.  (2015). 'Gay and Lesbian Political Mobilization in Urban Spaces: Toronto' in Manon Tremblay (ed.) Queer Mobilizations: Social Movement activism and Canadian Public Policy. Vancouver, B.C.: UBC Press.

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Nash, C. J. (2001) 'Siting lesbians: Sexuality, space and social organization', in T. Goldie (ed.) In a Queer Country: Gay and Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context, (Arsenal Press: Vancouver) pp. 235-256.