Select Awards & Funding

  • 2018 - 2023 European Research Council and Horizon 2020. Beyond Opposition:  Opposing Sexual and Gender Rights and Equalities: Transforming Everyday Spaces. Dr. Kath Browne, Principal Investigator, Maynooth University and Dr. Catherine J Nash (Brock University, Canadian participant)

  • 2015-2019 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant. Resisting Recognition: Transnational oppositions to LGBT inclusions in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Collaborators: Dr. Kath Browne and Dr. Andrew Gorman-Murray. (2015-2019, $199,991)

  • 2015 Australian Endeavour Grant (Fellowship). New media and changing gender and sexual landscapes in Sydney, Australia. Sponsoring University, University of Western Sydney, with Dr. Andrew Gorman-Murray (August – November 2015, $24,500 AUD).

  • 2013 NSW International Research Initiatives Scheme. University of Western Sydney, Visiting Fellowship. LGBT neighbourhoods in transition: urban and political change in Sydney and Toronto (February-April, 2013, $17, 534 AUD).

  • 2012-14 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant (430-2012-0032; June 2012 – June 2014). Shifting resistances: emerging international challenges to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights in Canada and Great Britain. Dr. C. Nash, Principal Investigator and Dr. K. Browne (University of Brighton, UK), Co-applicant (granted June 2011, $39, 863).

  • 2008-11 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant (410-2008-2204; May 2008 – March 2012) Leaving the gaybourhood: Queer politics in Toronto (granted May 2008, $65,391).